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Welcome to Truth and Justice, a fanfiction archive for the pairings of Chloe with any member of the Justice League in all its incarnations. You may also find other pairings in the stories hosted here, however the main pairing/focus will be Chloe and a JL member.

Also, we accept partners for Chloe from any incarnation of the Justice League. Since I'm not an expert on all incarnations and their members, feel free to let me know if I'm missing a character and/or pairing.

If you have any issues, questions, or characters/pairings you need added, feel free to contact us. Don't forget to leave the name of the site you're referring to, as I run quite a few of them.
Clean Up
I'm going through and cleaning out the member and review section. If you have an account or reviews that you feel are deleted by mistake, please feel free to contact me about it. Thank you for your understanding.
Posted by: Tonya on 27 Feb 2017 13:50(35 Comments)