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She tries so hard to find the irony that has never failed her, but for the first time, she comes up empty.
Categories: Smallville Chloe; Characters: Arthur Curry [Aquaman], Bart Allen [Impulse], Bruce Wayne [Batman], Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent/Kal-El [Superman], Oliver Queen [Green Arrow], Victor Stone [Cyborg]; Genre: angst
Pairing[s]: Chloe/Superman
Timeline: smallville season 7
Warnings: None

Challenges: ; Series: None
Chapters: 1; Completed: Yes
Word count: 7017 Read: 1405
Published: 28 Dec 2007 Updated: 28 Dec 2007
Story Notes:Honestly? I’m not particularly fond of this story. It’s like the painting you can’t get quite right. Lighter than a lot of my other stuff, it was fun to write, but I’ve got to stop messing with it sometime and move on to new projects.

1. Life's Little Ironies by astronut420 [ - ] (7017 words)