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An explosion at a Luthorcorp plant causes a full emergence of Chloe's latent meteor power... and also creates a few others.
Categories: Smallville Chloe; Characters: Arthur Curry [Aquaman], Bart Allen [Impulse], Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent/Kal-El [Superman], Oliver Queen [Green Arrow], Victor Stone [Cyborg]; Genre: fluff, humor, romance
Pairing[s]: Chloe/Impulse, Chloe/Superman
Timeline: smallville - post series, smallville season 6, smallville season 7
Warnings: None

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Word count: 5632 Read: 1285
Published: 23 Dec 2007 Updated: 23 Dec 2007
Story Notes:

This story is mostly from Clark's point of view, sort of his reaction to discovering her abilities, sort of a direct reverse of her experience. Parts of this story are based on a plot device used in a particular season 3 episode of Lois & Clark, and another assumed plot device from the movie Sky High. Two versions of one DC Comics character were used as "bases", so to speak, in this story, as well. This story is dedicated to Tracy, because this is a subject that I feel just might be near and dear to her heart. 

Be warned that this story contains a bit of sexual language and innuendo. 

1. Chloe Sulllivan: Maid Of Might by RJChasez [ - ] starstarhalf-star (5632 words)